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FD Career Member Recruitment Film

The culture story of your department, your city, what it means to work there, and why it matters. A video to recruit and attract applicants from near and far.

FD Volunteer Member Recruitment/Retention Film 

The culture story of your department's volunteer program and why it matters. A video that will not only inspire new applicants to join your program, but increase pride amongst your current volunteers.

Fire Service Manufacturer/Brand/Class/Event/Product marketing Film

We are part of a big 1 billion dollar industry full of amazing stories, training events, movements and products. Let's show off your product or mission to the fullest. Because the more connected and informed we all are, the better we all can be.

TV & Film Set Consulting and Safety Crew

From consulting on what the fire service should look like on the big screen (or small screens) to safety crew staffing, we've got you covered.

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Easy to work with,
safety focused, and well recommended

Ignited Motion Pictures prefers to have a "small footprint" during filming. For you, this means less impact on your regular operations. Safety is always a top priority, and you can be assured that we are well versed in fire station and fireground best practices.

"[Ignited Motion Pictures] takes the stress out of trying to produce your own recruitment video with professionalism, class, and an enthusiasm..." - Chief Rick Lasky, Author and 40-year veteran of the fire service

"I would highly recommend Beau Sylte for any video work requiring imagination, innovation, and a thorough knowledge of the technical aspects of videography." - Stephen G St. John, Nat Geo Image Collection Editor

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