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Our Mission

Deliver cinematic pro video content

that inspires, entertains, motivates, and entices your fire service audience.

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Company Overview

Ignited represents 16 years of experience in the video industry, with a huge variety in clients and projects spanning 26 countries.

This company is focused on serving the fire service through the art and tactical implementation of motion picture making, aka video.

The owner is a career member of the fire service. That means our services come with passion, understanding, and dedication to the brotherhood we're all in.

Working with a fellow firefighter also means filming operations are safer than hiring a video production company that is not familiar with fire training or fire ground operations.

Consultation is always part of the process. That means getting your video uploaded to the right place in the right way is included. 

Ignited aims to create high quality, goal achieving, professional video content for the fire service.

Ignited Motion Pictures prefers to have a "small footprint" during filming. For you, this means less impact on your regular operations. Safety is always a top priority, and you can be assured that we are well versed in fire station and fireground best practices.

Video is a great tool to use for any department campaign related to recruitment. Career or volunteer, doesn't matter. Video gets results.

And any business in the fire service industry can also benefit from marketing video content creation. Your message is as important as the service or product you provide.

"[Ignited Motion Pictures] takes the stress out of trying to produce your own recruitment video with professionalism, class, and an enthusiasm..."

- Chief Rick Lasky, Author and 40-year veteran of the fire service

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